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The growth of your business requires consistent customers or clients. Whether its more customers or sales, we've got you covered.

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With the increase in traffic to your website, it's guaranteed that client communication will increase! Don't worry about missing emails, phone calls, messages, reviews, or social media chats.

Social Media Strategy

We have tools that will build your social media empire which is your biggest asset to attract customers without spending money on ads.

Our customer results speak for themselves. Take a look.

Moore Equine Chiropractic

"He’s the man. He’s a good Christian . He turned me from hopeless the dopest just by doing whatever computer stuff he does. He’s an amazing person too. It’s a coach and computer wiz in one. He likes what he does and gets you into it. Ill tell everyone about him. Treat him well because he’s one of the best people I know. Have a little patience and let him do his thing." - Dr. Alex

Homes 4 U

"Matthew is wonderful to work with. He took such a good care of my business needs and making sure that I understood all of the things that he was doing for me. He connected my business in a way that saved me time and money and I am super happy with the website that he built now my clients can chat with me on my website and I can see it on my phone." - Natalya

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do I get to see results with your approach?

With our strategy, you'll begin to see results within a remarkably short timeframe. After just 5 working days of setting everything up, we kick off your ad campaign. The exciting part is that results, in the form of booked appointments, can start rolling in as early as the very first day your ads go live.

While the initial setup settles in, you'll continue to see an uptick in appointments over the next few days.As we progress, we diligently refine your ads based on the results we receive, constantly seeking out incremental improvements to boost your overall outcomes.

This fine-tuning phase typically spans about 3 to 4 weeks. However, it's worth noting that you won't be waiting idly during this period – you'll be busy handling the influx of appointments and orders that our campaign generates.Before we embark on your ad campaign, it's crucial that you're prepared to manage the increased demand effectively. Our goal is to keep your company fully occupied throughout the process, ensuring that you get the most out of our services.

Why do you use social media ads only? There are many ads platforms – why not diversify?

It's a question of mastery and results. We understand that different advertising platforms operate uniquely, with some being fiercely competitive and cost-prohibitive – take Google ads, for instance – while others yield minimal returns.

Our decision to concentrate on Facebook stems from a wealth of experience and a track record of unparalleled lead generation expertise. Facebook boasts a staggering global advertising audience of 2.249 billion users and over 10 million active advertisers as of 2023. When it comes to reach, Facebook ads touch 33.3% of the global population aged 13 and above.

In essence, we've chosen to specialize in Facebook because it's not just a platform; it's a dynamic and expansive ecosystem that consistently delivers exceptional results. Our focus on mastering this platform ensures that our clients benefit from the full potential of their advertising campaigns.

What companies do you work with?

Currently we work with roofers, remodelers, and fitness professionals a the moment to provide high quality. Leads booked right into your calendar ready for your appointment. All you have to do is provide your service and take payment.

Why must I qualify before I can work with you?

You must have the ability to communicate and attend meetings to understand the systems and technology we provide to manage your leads. 

What if you work with another roofer, remodeler, or trainer in my area, won’t that hurt my business?

We use a measured approach that determines if your area qualifies for this service this includes the roofer or remodeler that you work with. We have the ability to provide ongoing support for a number of services. Including websites and automation. We limit the amount of clients that run advertisements.

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